FRENZY FARMING | Online Simulator Game

About Frenzy Farming / Game Rules

Frenzy Farming is an exciting, realistic and beautifully detailed time-management game which will give you tons of pure fun which you will never regret spending. It is a shining example of a game which can be equally enjoyable for all ages and played for hours on end without getting bored.

Frenzy Farming is one of the best ways to sit down and relax after a hard days work. It is extremely enjoyable to build a farm and harvest.

How to play Frenzy farming:

Your role in Frenzy Farming is a farmer and your job will be to cultivate the land. You can harvest different types of crops, apart from growing crops you also need to take good care of livestock.

Get ready to complete 10 challenging levels with more coming soon and upgrade your farm in order to reap more.